2018 Finish Along, Q1

Undoubtedly you’ve seen lots of Finish Along posts everywhere for the past week, here are my goals for this quarter.


2018 Finish A Long Logo 2.jpg

My list is a combination of still unfinished projects despite being on many several previous FAL lists as well as some new things for variety.


This is the nearly-done, just bury threads and bind it already group:

  • my first quilt!
  • blue 15 min X&+
And then in other states of being:
  • buy a minky backing and puffy batting. Tie it for the quilting. Bind.
  • This fabric pull is too pretty to abandon though the original project no longer is in play. I have an idea for what to use this for.
  • Napkins for kids. I’ve had the shark goldfish fabric for a while and the alphabet fabric for a very long while. Worn out napkins are on the left. Great fabric though.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 4.47.56 PM.png

  • #Wonkystars2018 swap. I’ve never done a block swap as I’m a bit too particular about other people’s 1/4″ seam. I don’t even like wonky stars over much. I forgot both those things when I signed up for this. Head*desk.


  • the annual MQG mini swap. The awesome mini I made last year is pictured. I need to start, finish, and mail mine PDQ.


  • Husband’s Christmas pjs didn’t actually get made in time for Christmas. Oops. Not pictured, but imagine some flannel.

  • start and finish this one. I want to longarm it in March so I need to get going.


  • Decide what I’m doing with this quilt. Purpose made and now pointless. Might become a cutter quilt. fix and finish binding on Fancy fox

That’s ten probably mostly achievable projects. Come back in a few months to see how I did.

One more! Blog my last THREE finishes, all of which were on my previous FAL list.

The 2018 FAL is hosted by a community of bloggers across the world. Our hosts are:


Further Adventures in Bee Quilting

The magic quilting fairies are unlikely to visit in the night, as much as I keep hoping. If you volunteer to chair/lead/shepherd a project you just might have to do lots of it yourself.

First there was lots and lots of this:


Which not only gave me a tiny bit of photokeratitis , but also made my hands vibrate I was going so fast. On the plus side, this is my second time using a poly thread and I am a #convert4lyfe as the hip kids say these days.


Sneak peek

More tomorrow.

Year in Review, 2017 edition

and best of 2017 link up, hosted by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs.



Quilts finished: 10, including five long standing works in progress

Perimeter of those 10 finished quilts: 2019″ = 51.28m of binding sewn. Used six different binding techniques.

Gave three! bedsize quilts away. I wrote about one of them here. And then MARY FONS wrote about me on her FB page.


96 posts, 10,005 visitors, 452 comments

Most popular three posts:

#MQGmini quilt swap


White House, Black Spot

WHBS FULL online

My Polaroid quilt has been very popular this year. (And is now done, come back soon!)


Other stuff:

  • stepped down after three and a half years of being guild president
  • tried teaching, didn’t love it
  • submitted four quilts to two shows, all four rejected
  • moved house, have more sewing space

Budgeting for quilting:

I had also wanted to spend less on quilting supplies this year. I spend a smidge more than in 2016 but less (and much less) than 2015, 2014, and 2013. However I spent only 38$ on 4.1m of fabric that was for no specific purpose, ie stash.

Every other dollar spent was to finish a quilt off (so mostly backing, batting, binding, thread). I declare that a complete success and when looked at by project, I am very, very pleased with myself.

And that is a somewhat random look at the year that was. Here’s to our very best 2018!

Intents for the new year

Briefly, because I hate navel gazing and absolutes, but love commas…

Continue my attempts of the past few years, which have been QUITE successful this year.

  • use what I have
  • continue to buy less (waaaayyyy less)
  • finish the languishing projects. I have eight true works in progress left.
  • finish quickly what I start. Because we all start new things…

Also, be strategic about show entries (and hopefully acceptances). Try to figure out if I have a hobby, a side-gig, or a business. Life/work balance, yada yada. Navel gazing now, so will stop. Will never stop loving commas.

Happy new year! It feels joyful to me because EVERYONE celebrates this holiday.

Throwing my hat in the ring for the #2018PlanningParty with Quilting Jetgirl. Yvonne is a fantastic cheerleader for the online quilting community and we are all lucky to have her rooting for us.

And I’m lucky to have anyone really, but especially you, reading my blather. See you next year.


Get it? New year, blank slate.