A sewing bee

I’m hosting an actual sewing bee tomorrow. My guild was rather late to get started on our QuiltCon quilt and we’d like to show the top at our meeting next week.

This is possibly the most prep work I’ve done on a quilt. I just know there isn’t much time for messing up, or forgetting a step.

My favourite step so far was this one:

You can see these are odd shapes, and there is a grain line to consider as well. I laid out a metre of solid black and worked out how much yardage we will need to create. (We’re making strip sets!)


and so it goes…

Somehow time went from “oh there’s six weeks before christmas” to “I have only six days off between now and christmas and have you SEEN the size of my to-do list!?” I’m quite certain the jump between those two states of being happened in mere moments.

Sheesh. And in my spare time I am shepherding the guild QuiltCon charity quilt this year. I came up with a killer design and it’s going well, it just needs to get done. At least it’s quilt related.

W’s first grade teacher let me use her document camera (if an overhead projector and an opaque projector had a baby it would be a document camera) and screen today.


Progress! I am now 7/39 of the way through this project.

Gridded, a finished quilt


IMG_4613 copy

It was a long 3.5 years between starting and finishing this quilt but I’m quite pleased with it. This is the first quilt I’ve made that I wanted to make again, but in very different fabrics. I doubt I’ll do that soon but it is in the back of my mind. In the mean time I’m revelling in the feeling of having it finished.


This was the first block I made (above), mostly to see if I could. I enlarged this print (below) 1600%.


I had the perfect binding fabric all along. A true 1″ stripe.


I also submitted this to QuiltCon for consideration in the Modern Traditionalism category.

Linking up for Finish It Up Friday with Crazy Mom Quilts.

Quilt Stats –

Title: Gridded

Lifetime quilt no.: 69

Started: April 13, 2014

Finished: November 19, 2107

Size: 52″ x 64″

Number of pieces: 874 plus I pieced the binding from FQ

Quilting: my first pantograph! Diamonds Are Forever from Urban Elements

Notable: used random solids from my bin, choosing the ones I liked best.

**Pattern in development**

Sunday Stash, what a waste

Last week I was trying to decide the absolutely perfect binding for my polaroid quilt (surprise, that one’s nearly done!).

I had a few ideas but then I had another idea, an exciting idea, a wondrous idea, except I was short fabric for it. I rearranged my limited spare time to make it across town to the only store with the fabric in stock (at a whopping 15$/m for solids no less). Bought enough to bind the entire quilt.

Got home to find an email saying that fabric would be on sale on the weekend. Sigh.

Laid it out to test as a binding, and hated it. Sigh.


I have .4m of Kona Iron if anyone wants it. Linking up with Sunday Stash, because hey, I should be able to get something good out of this.