All settled in, and in use. Finally.


A panorama view of my sewing area/family office/tea making and food room, aka the kitchen. The blinding white bit in the upper right is the door to the deck.

I miss my built-in fold-down ironing board but this is my husband’s board from before we met, nigh on twenty years ago. I splurged on a new 12$ cover.

And you’ll note we still have an ugly floor, hurray! #sarcasm


This is the sewing storage area in the kitchen. Second shelf down is the tool box, tape and string, my DeWalt. Couldn’t take the WHOLE cupboard for fabric and projects. Yardage is stored in the garage. First time in seven years all my fabric is under one roof!


Kitchen islandy thing. Kitchen peninsula? Work space while sewing. Will probably put my cutting mat here when I’m using that.

And lastly…


There it is! My wonderful sewing desk. There is much more to this than you see, and it will get a post of its own.

There is an Ott light hiding back there as well which is an amazing addition to my sewing room. (I had it at the old house but could only use it for hand sewing or binding.) It was a hand-me-down from my aunt and now that I’m using it regularly I love, love, love it.

Haven’t found a good place for the design wall and I might not be able to have it accessible. I do have more floor space however to layout a project. Not ideal, but workable.

I have done some sewing this past fortnight. I have the whole pile of mending and making for various (lots of) family members that I’m working through and I started a mindless sewing project which is so very relaxing.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

When we last saw our hero she was valiantly struggling to arrange her new sewing area. In the midst of this challenging task, a new problem reared its ugly head. 


Keep reading for the adventures in woodworking, and to find out what happened next. 


For various reasons I decided to sweep out the underside of our antique oak filing cabinet before I moved it to its permanent home in our new house. When I flipped it over I discovered it was missing a runner or a support on the bottom. That explained why the cabinet has always listed to one side…

I pulled off the existing runner and hustled up to the fancy lumber store to seek out a replacement. It was exciting poking around, looking at all the amazing wood things. The VERY kind (and cute) guy not only cut my new piece to length but he also cut? carved? the half-lapped splice joint I needed. And he under-charged me to boot.


Old (L) and new (R)


In situ.



Yay me! Why am I so proud of this? Because it was broken and I fixed it, even though I’m not a carpenter or skilled with wood.

*The first picture is an “art shot” with both runners installed, looking up through the cabinet with all the drawers taken out. You didn’t think I flipped that beast over with the drawers still in it did you?

Come back next week for further adventures with our hero. The fabric and the sewing machine have been unpacked, but…have they been used? 

Day 692

Since I started this blog. That’s a lot of days.

Also counting days: twenty days post-move. Fabric is still packed, as is my sewing machine. Here is the current state of my sewing table*:


It seems that having a sewing table and cough, unlimited free time in which to sew, cough, gives people the idea that you would love to sew for them. #sarcasm

Counter-clockwise from top left:

  • Husband shirt, reattach button (that’s the brown dot on the white paper) and possibly repair the fabric under where the button goes
  • patterns and fabric pile will become
    • two pairs of shorts, sizes 10 and 6
    • one shirt/blouse thing, size 10
    • one very belated birthday dress, better do a size 6 at this point since it’s a year late, #parenting fail, all this is for the kids
  • mother-in-law, two pairs of drapes to hem
  • husband shirt, mending under the collar. I reversed the collar back in June.
  • W tore her skirt. It’s fourth hand and quite worn but a favourite.

You notice of course what is NOT on that table. Anything quilt related or for me. C’est la vie. Also, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Links provided for non-French speakers.


* About that sewing table. It’s epic. And exciting. It will have its own blog post.

Sunday Stash, with generous friends

The guild July meeting isn’t a meeting, it’s an outdoor potluck picnic. It’s a good time, a much more casual time; we play games and get to know each other a little better. 

This year, instead of the modern FQ toss and the ugly fabric swap challenge we usually do, we had the ugly FQ toss. I didn’t actually bring fabric (all my fabric is still packed from the move) but as I wandered about admiring the others’ fabrics, I saw Gabrielle’s fabric. It was chartreuse with polka dots and purple, orange, and magenta flowers. Sounds like a train wreck right? I thought it was wonderful. 

She offered to give the piece she had left at home but long story short, Bethany won the toss and got to choose from all the fabrics. She chose Gabrielle’s, and gave it to me!!!!

Yay Gabrielle! Yay Bethany and her softball training and her generous spirit! Yay Dawna, Bethany’s mom who gave Bethany fabric to participate!

In all its glory…

This fabric will be perfect for my black and white eye bleed quilt. Just need to get started on that. 

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