Day 458

Doing something small is better than nothing at all, especially when scrappy charms are involved.

Today’s mail brought a lovely batch of 100 charms to me all the way from Lyn in Wales! And since I’ve been backsliding something terrible about the Mighty Lucky Club I decided to take advantage of the mail. November’s able leader was Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts and the lesson was “Effective Fabric Selection.” Here is what the exercise was:

Choose 100 21⁄2″ squares (or any size squares you wish to use).

Hey, guess what came in the mail today!

Now, throw them in a basket or a bag, shake them up and pull them out, one at a time, and place them on the design wall in the order that they were pulled. Work from left to right to make a 10 x 10 array. Take a photo to document your results. How did you like the results?

This was as they came out of the envelope.

Position them according to your personal preference in a 10 × 10 grid on a design wall. (A fun side activity can be to time yourself, just to see how long it takes you!) Take a photo to document your results.

I went for a sort of value exercise, sort of colour wash effect. But was done hurriedly.

Remember, these were all someone else’s fabric; I was just playing around. But lots of fun.

Also lots of fun is sharing with others, so I’m linking up with My Quilt Infatuation and Busy Hands Quilts. Happy weekend everyone!

Day 458

Day 456

Tidied up and put fabric away today which always feels good. But even though I’ve been trying really hard not to buy fabric this year I sure am running out of room to store my fabric. Go figure.

I also sewed together rows on Gridded:


Well spotted if you noticed the top and bottom look a bit unfinished. I need to sew those and a few bits for the holes on the sides also.

If I push really hard I could finish this by the end of the year. Not sure if I want to do that though because knowing me, important things would be sacrificed to do so. While I dither about that I want to consider possible backings. Geometric? Curvy something? Mostly plain coloured? Wildly coloured? Whatever I like best from the sale table?

Day 456

Day 455

What a week it’s been. Worked four days in a row (which I know is nothing for all you folks with regular day jobs) but it’s quite out of the norm for little old housewife me. So working plus housewifing was tough and I was looking forward to today to relax a bit, sew some things, just be chillin’…

What I got instead: husband home sick from work, epic grocery shopping, 90 minutes of snow shovelling at my place, 30 minutes of snow shovelling in front of the neighbours’, and two kids who were thrilled to bits about aforementioned snow.

Recap time: I live on a tropical island in the Pacific (aka the warmest place in Canada). The last time it snowed was either 2014 or 2013 and I can’t actually remember which. W is five and this is the first snow she can remember. 

But I have things to look forward to: charm squares from my swap will be arriving soon, the Kona iron for my polaroids should be showing up any day now, I’ll work on Gridded again, I will probably want to start another quilt…

Day 455

Day 453

And the Nutcracker has closed and life goes back to normal. (Normal-ish. Life is never normal.)

So while it’s true I did not quilt this weekend, there were quilting things around me.

The Spanish dancer’s tutu:


It has a woven silk checkerboard plate (the decorative top layer of a tutu, go HERE for info about tutu construction from the National Ballet of Canada) hand beaded with a paillette trim. So, patchwork-ish.



The Mouse King’s robe had pattern matching:


And fussy cutting:

This was one of his sleeves.


The Nutcracker Prince wore this gorgeous piece in Act II: his sleeve was made of six different silks put together in a Seminole patchwork style.


And actual patchwork here…if you look at the right side of the picture you can see new fabric was sewn by hand as literal patchwork.


So there we go! Even the ballet can have quilting in it.

All costumes designed by Paul Daigle and constructed by the talented men and women of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Wardrobe Shop.

Day 453

Day 451

No quilting today but I did get to be near fabrics things. The ballet is in town and I am a backstage ninja!

What that means is I am working as a dresser, not furniture, but someone who helps dancers with their costumes and changes, any mending and whatever else happens. 

So I get to see some of this:

And a lot of these:

These are twelve pairs of polar bear feet waiting for twelve very excited eight year olds. 

And I get to it all again tomorrow. Twice. 

Day 451