Misc blethering about fabric n’stuff

  • local MQG guild elections last week, now there is another past president to keep me company
  • I found 3.5m of Jay McCarroll “City Centre” in this colour way for THREE DOLLARS.


  • b0087dec294a569eced5f71c366d1948.jpg

It’s brand new, never washed. I think it looks like a disease under a microscope but it’s enough for a twin backing or I can re-sell it. B/c who wouldn’t snap up ~70$ worth of fabric for 3$?

  • I quilted a quilt for a friend last week. Trickiest mo-fo pantograph I’ve tried out. bear-paw_2.png

Ask me how I feel about this one. Wait, I’ll just tell you. Scared, intimidated, annoyed, pissed off, grudgingly okay, somewhat competant, totally zen. 81″ square quilt. Each pass of the panto was 9″ wide and took a FULL bobbin.

  • I have two quilt tops in progress, one the giant voile pluses, which is now in rows but needs to be in one piece like, yesterday, and the other is in 16 blocks and four borders and needs to be in one piece like, asap. These two quilts are 40% of my “big plans for 2019” – maybe I’m feeling more ahead than usual so therefore lost?
  • I think that’s about it for fabric stuff at this moment. I am reading more books than I have for the past couple of years so I’m pleased about that. Yay me!

2019 Q1 Finish-A-Long!

Well this is pretty exciting for me – to be one of the HOSTs of the FAL instead of one of the participants. The first time I ever joined up a to-do list with the FAL was in January 2014. Leanne @She Can Quilt  patiently walked me through the steps of how to link up from a composite photo in Flickr. (Thanks Leanne!) I’ve joined up lots since that first time.

I’ve had great success and abject failure finishing the projects on my lists during the past four years but the camaraderie and encouragement are fantastic motivators [in my opinion]; I hope you find it the same.


As you can see, a new round of the Finish-A-Long is starting today. New logos (thank you so much, Marci), some new hosts (and some familiar ones), some new sponsors as well as some we have known for years now. Presumably we will have some new participants as well as many who have been taking part regularly for a long time…

So let’s get to it!

You can now link up your list of projects that you want to finish in Quarter 1 of 2019. We are hoping that the FAL community will inspire you to work on your unfinished projects this quarter, and to get them finished!

Our 2019 Finish-A-Long Hosts

The 2019 FAL is hosted by a great community of bloggers. This year our hosts are:

For those of you who are new to the FAL, here is an explanation: The Finish-A-Long is a community aiming to motivate and encourage each other to complete those unfinished projects that are hanging around, sometimes for far too long. At the start of the quarter you post and link up a list of projects you hope to finish in the next three months. Then, at the end of the quarter, you link up each successful finish from your original list.

Each linked up finish is an entry into the draw for wonderful prizes from our sponsors. There is no penalty for not finishing a listed project, so feel free to make your list as long or as short as you wish. The 2019 Schedule and Rules for the FAL are on my permanent 2019 FAL page, let me know if you have any questions.

Our 2019 Finish-A-Long Sponsors

Here are the fantastic and generous sponsors for Q1 of the Finish-A-Long. you can see each of their prizes listed under their logo. Please think about visiting them and saying thank you for their their support of the FAL.

Aurifil Logo

Winner’s Choice of 1 Large 12 Spool Collection

Sew Sweetness Logo
$80 Gift Certificate

Mad About Patchwork Logo
$50 Gift Certificate

Fat Quarter Shop Logo
$50 Gift Certificate

Sew Me a Song Logo
$25 Gift Certificate

Happy Quilting Logo
3 PDF Patterns

2 PDF Patterns

Blossom Hearts Quilts Logo
2 PDF Patterns

Make Modern Logo
1 Six Month Subscription

Bonjour Quils Logo
2 PDF Patterns

Hillstitches Logo
$30 Fabric Voucher
2019 Finish-A-Long Logo

Make your Q1 List of Unfinished Projects

So now it is time to sort out the projects/UFOs/WIPs that you want to finish over the next three months. Take a photo of each one and make your list. If you like you can use our Finish-A-Long Planner to list your projects and keep track of progress. It also has all link-up dates for the year, and the hashtags that we would use. Or use any method that works for you. Please ensure that you have at least STARTED your projects – pulled fabric with a pattern is considered a project started – and remember it is only a FINISHED project that will get you an entry toward the above listed prizes. So while we love to see your bee blocks, the “finish” is when they are a completed, usable project.

Post Your Q1 List

Post your list either on your blog, on Instagram, or on Flickr if you prefer. If posting on social media (Flickr, Instagram), it will be very helpful if you tag your list with #2019FALQ1yourname (where yourname is unique to you). Using the same hashtag over the quarter when sharing project progress or finishes helps the host to make the connection to your original list quickly and easily.

Don’t forget to link up your finishes at the end of the quarter! We will be posting a reminder on the blog and on Instagram, but do keep an eye out…

Link-up Your Q1 List

The 2019 Q1 link for your list of proposed finishes is now open below, on my blog and on each of the hosting blogs. You need only link your list once, on ONE host blog, and the link will show up on all the host blogs. If you are using Flickr or Instagram, post a mosaic of your projects and put your list in the description. Don’t forget to include your unique hashtag.

If you need a little help, Katy of The Littlest Thistle has a great tutorial on how to link up if you need it, and Marci has a post on
how to link up from Instagram.

Join the FAL Community

We also ask that you become part of the FAL community. Please check out the links of others – visit and comment on their lists. We all need encouragement to get those finishes done, so please share some of your own too.

If you want you can follow us on Facebook: Finish-A-Long and/or on Instagram: @finishalong, too. We’ll post encouragement during the quarter and reminders when the finishes link up opens at the end of the quarter.

When creating your list there is one thing to remember – No deductions for not completing something so – Aim High! Nothing to lose!! Well now, get that list together and get linked up.


Feel free to use and share the FAL button at the top and this one too:

Remember: you only need to link up at ONE hosting blog and it will automatically show up on all hosting blogs.

First of the New Year

This is me just mucking about, both to use up fabric I have and to make something for me to quilt to have more longarm practice.


These fabrics are all voile, bought in 2014/15 for the purpose of making infinity scarves to sell at markets. Ahem. Best laid plans and all that.

These are 10″ squares and the finished quilt will be 86″ square.

The original voile was deeply on sale and cost just about 40$. Plus the backing and batting I’m now up to 112$ for a quilt simply to use up fabric and get some longarm practice. I’m not sure if I’m awesome or insane.

On the plus side though, this will be a wicked soft quilt.

Announcing the 2019 Finish-A-Long!

I slipped this in to my last post and a few of you caught the news that I am joining the fabulous team of hosts for the annual Finish-A-Long!
I’ve used the FAL as motivation for a few years now to help me finish off those darn projects that just linger. I hope you’ll consider joining in as well. I have a dedicated page on my blog with all sorts of useful info. 
I look forward to seeing your beautiful finishes over the course of this year, starting on January 10.


Sandra – Studio Sew of Course

Marci – Marci Girl Designs

Leanne – She Can Quilt

Izzy – Dizzy Quilts

Ella – Throw a Wench in the Works

Karen – Capitola Quilter

Lynne – Tinking Along

Sarah G – Sarah Goer Quilts

Sarah Z – Cedar Fork Stitches

Julie – That’s Sew Julie

Sharla – Thistle Thicket Studio

Nicole – Handwrought Quilts  (that’s me!)


The 2019 Schedule


10 Jan 2019 (Thu) Proposed Finishes List – Linkup opens

18 Jan 2019 (Fri) Proposed Finishes List – Linkup closes

1 Apr 2019 (Mon) Finishes – Linkup opens

9 Apr 2019 (Tue) Finishes – Linkup closes

TUTORIALS April 2-6, 2019


10 Apr 2019 (Wed) Proposed Finishes List – Linkup opens

18 Apr 2019 (Thu) Proposed Finishes List – Linkup closes

1 Jul 2019 (Mon) Finishes – Linkup opens

9 Jul 2019 (Tue) Finishes – Linkup closes

TUTORIALS July 2-6, 2019


10 Jul 2019 (Wed) Proposed Finishes List – Linkup opens

18 Jul 2019 (Thu) Proposed Finishes List – Linkup closes

1 Oct 2019 (Tue) Finishes – Linkup opens

9 Oct 2019 (Wed) Finishes – Linkup closes

TUTORIALS Oct 2-6, 2019


10 Oct 2019 (Thu) Proposed Finishes List – Linkup opens

18 Oct 2019 (Fri) Proposed Finishes List – Linkup closes

1 Jan 2020 (Wed) Finishes – Linkup opens

9 Jan 2020 (Thu) Finishes – Linkup closes

(No tutorials in Q4)

  2019 FAL I'm In!.jpg

Global Host 2019 - Handwrought Quilts

The linkup for Q4 2018 finishes started today if you were participating this year and are ready to link up your finishes.