The past week

Statistics of this past week:

  • quilts started quilting: 1
  • quilts bound: 0
  • quilt tops finished: 0.8, soooo close on this one
  • binding made: 0, but planned
  • long arm needles bent: 1
  • long arm needles broken: 2
  • car axle shafts broken: 1
  • car repairs required: manageable
  • soccer practices attended: 6
  • soccer games attended: 0 because I worked that day and husband did it!

Looking forward to some more quilt progress, fewer soccer practices, and getting the darn car sorted out!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Happy picture.



Happy New Year!

When you go to a university* that gives you the major Jewish holidays off†, you don’t forget it quickly. Today is Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year), as well as my third anniversary of blogging. During dinner tonight we saw vibrant, double rainbows.

Also, I quilted today.


Purchased years ago from an estate sale for one dollar per metre. Found in the stash and is big enough for a twin backing.


I had enough to match the seam nearly accurately.


From loading it up to taking it off was less than four hours.

Shanah Tovah to you! Happy anniversary to me!


* York University, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Special Honours) 2005

† when I looked up what year I finished my degree it seems that York only has Canadian statutory holidays on offer these days.

Day 1093

Good lord I don’t even want to look how long it’s been. And since I’m [nominally] in charge here I won’t.

School started yesterday. I like the return to routine. Although to be fair this summer had more routine than previous years, which was a good thing. By the end I didn’t even want to strangle anyone* and I also got to do some sewing.

I finished two tops, one blogged here, and one hiding under my bed. Since I’m on a bit of a streak AND September is my month to use my longarm, I’m aiming for a third top.

My guild inherited someone’s stash and offered it free with a caveat of making a charity quilt. I chose this incredibly awesome/terrible fabric and some black and white prints.


I added enough black and whites from my collection to have enough for a twin.


I’m aiming for something like this. This was my first attempt; I have since eliminated the fabric which reads as grey, I narrowed the orange strips and chopped all these sections in half.


I’m loving this one so far, and it’s really enjoyable to not be precise about sizes or matching corners like my last two quilts. And that fish fabric is just so hideously awesome isn’t it?! I’m pressing seams open on this one since nothing needs to match up and it’s an interesting change of pace to try that out†.

More sooner rather than later I hope.

I want to get the top done in September. Extra bonus points to me if I get it quilted too! Linking up for fun and accountability with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal September Linkup.

* this was a joke. I’m not actually in danger of self-harm or infanticide.

† side pressers unite!

Wonky Star update

21 blocks from a swap. Sizes ranging from 3″ finished to 13.5″ finished. The mean block size was 8.75″ and the median was 9″.

I didn’t love the idea of many Y seams (fiddly and time consuming, not relaxing and mindless). I thought to sash the blocks to bring them to a uniform size. 12″ finished seemed to be a reasonable and achievable goal. Also, I have epic amounts of white fabric to use up, so why not!?


I decided to sash only two of the sides of each star which would maintain the wonkiness and randomness.

Even with blocks of a uniform size the quilt would have been 48″x60″ which I think is useless. I made another 9 blocks and added bits of background in either 4″x12″ chunks or 8″x12″ chunks.

This came together so quickly and was such a ‘low stakes’ quilt, ie, I don’t care about it very much, all the decisions were easier to make. That also means I took only one picture of the process (see above).


Before pressing this morning.

Started work on this August 7. Finished top August 20.

Next up: to piece the backing and sort the binding. I’ve got a batting big enough and even have thread ready. Then finish it off and find a recipient.

Previous posts about it HERE, in reverse chronological order.

Linking up the finish with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal – August Finish Link-up.