Day 10

SQUARES! How I love the minuscule but majestic 2.5 inch square. That is size is perfection for me; large enough to see the pattern (and maybe even a fussy cut gem!) but small enough to not be too big. That makes sense to me.

So my guild, the aforementioned Victoria MQG, has started a charm square swap and last night was the first night. I had to collate all the new squares into my stash. But I’m also prepping for The Curious Quilter’s bi-annual charm square swap (which means 2.5 inch or smaller in this case). So I played with the 2000 some odd [mini-]charms I have (woo-hoo!) and picked out the duplicate 5″ charms I have so that I can cut them up for the Curious Quilter’s charm swap. Don’t follow? Makes sense to me. I LOVE the 2.5 inch square. I will accept all donations of 2.5 inch charms or will trade. Email me or leave a comment and we can work out the details.

I’ll explain some other time why I have 5″ squares in addition to the sublime 2.5 inchers.

Comments are awesome. So are you.

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