Day 15

Not sure what happened to yesterday. Why is this so hard? I’m hoping this is still a holdover from summer when I got squat done, sewing wise. I’d better get a move on though as Hallowe’en is coming fast.

But today! I had breakfast with a quilty friend (thanks Stacie!), and got to play with some of her fabric for an upcoming class she’s taking. And then we went down the street to Satin Moon and looked at lovely fabric there. So many ideas, so little time (as is evidenced right here on this blog), and not enough money to buy the fabric either.

Lastly, I have decided how to quilt the current occupant of the design wall. It’s an “Easy Going Modern” pattern from Felicity Quilts. I’ve made it twice before in different sizes and always love how easy it is. Easy, but not fast. This one has been on the design wall since July and was intended to be a learn to quilt project for my daughter, but she got bored and I got fed up so I pieced it. B gets credit for the layout though!

Rainbow farm layout

The first picture on my blog!


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