Day 16

I got bold today and planned to do sewing. And so I did! (I’ll have to try that mindset again to see if it works another time). I had already pieced a batting for the rainbow animal quilt so I thought to baste it. Taped out the backing, (hooray for smaller quilts that fit on the kitchen floor!), laid out the batting, then the top. Dammit.

Two inches too narrow.

So I set up the sewing machine, grabbed a few tiny pieces of extra batting (think placemat size ish), pieced those together, pieced them into the large piece and finally had it big enough. There was just enough time to get the top down and basted (spray this time around since the quilting will be fast and I didn’t want to muck around with pins) before having to pick up my kid from a playdate.

Hopefully I will get this quilted this weekend. We’re rearranging the girls’ room though and setting up bunk beds so I know that will take most of the time available. I’ll let you know how it goes 😉


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