Day 18

Sewing! Worked really hard today and wanted to just collapse in a pile after kid bedtime. Heaven forbid I go to bed early or anything! So I dug out my big stitch hand project from my trip in August and did a fair chunk of one corner. To be fair though, it’s a small quilt. But yay! I also watched “Scandal” as I stitched. I had heard good things so I thought I’d check it out. Not convinced yet. I’ll have to do more stitching and evaluate a few more episodes.

Gap Improv

My gold and teal gap improv quilt. I’m hand quilting a non-denominational rainbow pattern in the yellow/teal section. We’ll see what happens after that.

Oh and I chose my thread for the ever-lasting rainbow animals quilt. Rainbow variegated will do nicely for that. It’s leftover from the third quilt I ever made, six years ago.


One thought on “Day 18

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