Day 51

So . much . sewing . today! My four year old has discovered playmobil and played quite happily for hours this morning. And if you’ve got little kids, you understand how golden this is. So I sewed. And sewed.

Got another five logs put on all the log cabin blocks, which means I’m really close! And the blocks are really big now, which is why it is taking a long time to sew each log. I’m in the 17-20″ size now. I would actually be done today except I had decided to make the blocks bigger. As written, the quilt would have been 74″ square which is a bit small I think. My size will finish at 86″ which works well for a queen.

Progress shots from this morning!

Mid morning today!

Mid morning today!

blocks a and b

Packing up for the day!

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