Day 83

WOW – what a weekend!

And not enough time to blurb about it now. Brief recap: I ran away to Bainbridge Island and got to learn from Victoria Findlay Wolfe. That was the best part. The second best part was having two nights away from my family. God love them, but boy do I need a break sometimes. This was my third break in eight years, so you do the math.

Look – everyone uses their boobs as a design wall for demos!IMG_2338

Some of Victoria’s samples:IMG_2337

What I made (that’s 10 blocks there):IMG_2348

And the mess created while making those:IMG_2349

SO MUCH FUN. So worth it.


Day 79

Dug out the rainbow log cabin blocks and started sewing them together tonight. I had thought to bring it with me to the workshop on Saturday to take advantage of the space to lay it out and baste it, but it’s not done enough.

I’m packed and ready to go to Seattle/Bainbridge. Early-ish start tomorrow, but excited!!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe look out!

Day 78

Pulled out ALL the little bins (the ones that get to live inside) today and put away fabric. Fabric I bought way back in August, scraps from a project from February, etc etc.

It was lots of fun! When W came home from preschool she said “wow – you need to clean up!”

It’s not actually sewing, which sucks. Am I fooling myself, keeping track of any little thing connected to sewing? Does it actually count?

It’s my life so I get to decide. Even just putting fabric away made me happy, so yes. It counts.

Here’s a picture W took at the art gallery last month.


Day 77

Blergh, literally sick AND tired! Ha! Sorry – I grew up with my mom sometimes saying “I’m sick and tired of …..” And it was perhaps more frequent than sometimes.

Anyway, made good progress on soccer hexie v.4.5 Excited (again) about it, but there is no way it will be done in time to submit for QuiltCon, dammit.