Day 54

Slow day today. Lots of rain. Rain like: open the doors and watching the rain fall. Make the kids be quiet so to listen to the rain.

Kids needed lots of hands on, so only squeezed in a few things. Laid out my two options for the log cabin. Really liking #2. Costed out an all over pantograph as well, and I’m sad. Looks like it will be >200$ 8(

Started another project! I have three charm packs of brown batiks. I know, right? There are three things wrong in that last sentence: I don’t collect charm packs, I dislike brown, and am not the biggest batik fan (the newer stuff can stay. Not the old stuff). So! Chopped them all in half and I’m going to do a massive value experiment. The fabric was free and it’s not special so I’ve got nothing to lose.

More hand stitching on the improv quilt. Running out of perle cotton so it will be a race to see if I’ve got enough. Fingers crossed I do.

Edited to add: WordPress informs me this is my 50th post! Hurrah!

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