Day 76

What a week it’s been.

Wednesday – presented “A Look at Modern Quilts” for the Nanaimo Quilt Guild. Best moment was someone telling me “I had no idea this world existed! Thank you so much!”. Awesome!

Thursday – regular guild meeting, with our first ever garage sale. Totally roused myself for a last minute pricing binge in the late afternoon. Even at ~4$/m, I cleared 50$!!

Friday – pro-d day for my kids. Lots of hands on.

Saturday – mmm, rested? dropped in on the EGV all day sew-in where they were working on personal projects AND a 150th anniversary of Canada wall hanging to be hung in the Governor General’s house.

Sunday – sick. Of course. Look at the week I’d had! But I did break open 10 commercial mini charm packs and sorted them by colour. That is always fun to do, even if the little fluffy bits make me sneeze.

Monday – oh, that’s today. Got 100 2.5″ squares in the mail from my charm swap. JL from North Van has excellent taste in fabric and sent a generous 100 as well. 109 squares and no repeats is excellent.

rest of week – getting ready for my workshop with Victoria Findlay Wolfe on Saturday! Bainbridge Island look out!


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