Day 85

Sewing today, hooray! Fresh off the heels of yesterday’s advent calendar triumph I sewed.

I made a few more of my 15 minutes of play blocks and I trimmed them down too.

That was quite thrilling. And wow do I have a lot of blue fabrics. After the trim fest I sorted the offcuts into rough piles of similar sizes to speed up my process as I make more. I plan to make blocks until I’ve reduced the fabric pile to about 1/3. I might have a large quilt at the end of this.

And then! I borrowed empty floor space at the preschool this morning to layout the giant rainbow log cabin so that I could decide which corner block goes where. Sewed that all together this afternoon. Ta-done!

other layout

This is the layout I went for. You can see that it doesn’t fit in my kitchen. Basting might be a problem.



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