Day 87


I sweet talked my way into the [empty] preschool room this afternoon where they have loads of space. Did the whole layer and baste thing, and damn near killed my knees. But non-quilting strangers popped round to look at the quilt and they liked it. Yay me!

So far I’ve quilted two of the grey/white squares, just doing a straight line stitch in a square spiral. I’ll do the other two in the morning and then it will be time to decide the coloured parts. Same again? Round spiral?

other layout

I was thinking of a version of this:


But then I saw this one:

091b37828a1ab4ccab4e55e012c58cdd copy

That would be very cool. Bitchin’ hard though. And not very good in the corner bits.

I’m using a light grey thread (and cannot be bothered to check which number it is). Planning to switch to a variegated rainbow for the coloured bits. I figure some more colour can’t hurt.

OMG – the back is so amazing! It’s black polka dots on white. And it’s perfect.

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