Day 91

Well blergh, dammit. Got LOTS of groceries today, but got no sewing done. Made muffins, but didn’t make fabric things. So muffins for the win of making something.

I just checked my recipe and I’ve been making that one since June 2009. That’s when I printed it. I do all sorts of horrible things to it like change the type of sugar, use two sugars, reduce the sugar (always), swap yogurt for the sour cream, sub in some whole wheat flour for part, more bananas, fewer bananas, add icing and call it cupcakes….

I think you can tell it’s a very forgiving recipe. Oh! And I never make it as a loaf. Just muffins.

And actually I did do sort-of-quilty things today: I went to the fabric store and admired a pile of fabric my friend is playing with, and I did some admin work for my guild. That’s a stretch though since I didn’t actually touch fabric.

Tomorrow is a preschool day so I WILL SEW.


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