Day 92

Sewing-ish: came up with the quilting plan for the coloured bits on this quilt.

other layout

Hey, it’s the same picture again! I went with a nice { shape which I’ll echo and fill and blah blah blah. Made a template out of a cereal box (old school quilting alert!) and traced it using a hera marker.

Ooo, what’s a hera marker I hear you ask?


There are two styles (both by Clover) but for this quilt I’m using the one on the left. Basically it will make a sharp crease on your fabric. And then you can stitch along it while you build up your free motion quilting skills. Maybe that will happen tomorrow!

I also did up a link for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day and then I obsessively checked my stats, page views, and comments all day. Excellent for the self-esteem but lousy for productivity.

Comments are awesome. So are you.

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