Day 100

Well now, isn’t that fancy! And between the four of us, it may be day 100 but it’s actually only post #88. So no big giveaways or fireworks just yet.

So today! Big guild meeting tonight of course but we don’t call it a meeting. Instead we use the catchy and easy to use “December Hanukkah/Christmas/Solstice Social” and we all have fun.

We did a mini mini swap and this is what I made. (And please note the fully attached and completely healed thumb which was amputated a year ago now.)


And there it is, in all its 3.75″ glory. 31 pieces of fabric and lots of fun. And I’m super happy about who got it.

One thought on “Day 100

  1. I love the mini mini! And I also love how casually you mentioned that your healed and happy thumb was amputated a year ago! WHAT?? I hope it wasn’t a rotary cutter incident. And I’m so glad it is back in working order!


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