Day 120

Sewing!! The playdate after school at my house shifted to the neighbour’s (and W got to go too!) so that left me with an unexpected hour late this afternoon to sew. And sew I did, making four more blue blocks. (I mentally giggle every time I write blue blocks, because, well, these are the one fun ones to have! And if you have no idea what that means…then let’s just move on.)

I thought I was making blocks 46-50 and was all stoked about that but when I put them up on the design wall I realized it was blocks 42-46. Ah well. I’m still four blocks closer to the eighty I need.

And I had a brain wave about the bias tape situation this morning. I spent all that time on Monday looking for Kaffe Fassett fabrics….it wasn’t KAFFE so much that I wanted, but more the saturated colours typical of his work. I knew I needed a smaller print to make this work but COLOURS! Must have all the COLOURS! I went cruising through the #mightylucky tag on instagram and saw this post. And then I realized I had the perfect fabric already.


Alison Glass, Ex Libris, Geometry in Sunset

So that’s a very good feeling. Planning going well, actual sewing getting done, a good day. Hurrah.

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