Day 121

which is the square of 11 btw.

Failure, and redemption.

So the #mightylucky club this month is bias tape. My awesome idea was to do a giant thumb print. I was at the library today (because it’s Thursday, so, of course!) and enlarged my thumb print. By the time I was at 400% of 400%, I realized this wasn’t going to work because a) my mini would end up being 36″ square (ish) and b) I would have to make a few kilometres of bias tape. Blergh.

Went to the LQS anyway, mostly to say hi, but also to see what they had. I liked me some of this:


a lot more than this:


So now I’ve got fabric but what do I do with it? I suppose I’ll make the bias tape and just play. Ideas will come, they always do.

Comments are awesome. So are you.

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