Day 174

My totally awesome guild is putting on a show within another guild’s show, which is awfully generous of them to give a boost like this. Our show-let is “Make it Modern!” (take a traditional block and make it modern). Use only solids.

I had a smashing idea but I wanted to do it with a print, so that’s out. I have a new plan involving hexies. So I pulled my fabric, cut some hexie templates, and got started basting tonight. Yay!

PS I’m using my grey palette that I acquired last year. I have just LOVED having a decent range of values of one colour. Loving it so much that I might actually consider getting one of those massive boxes of solids. I’ll see how the year of using it up progresses and that might be a treat/reward come year’s end.


Day 172

Two frickin’ blocks. And only one was a “15 minutes of play” block. The other one was a 35 minute, let’s make it too complicated block. Y seam. Inset square. Curved pieces. Poorly calculated triangles that were not big enough when flipped over. Yeesh!

But I also visited with a quilty friend for a bit (without kids either – jackpot!) and she even gave me fabric, woot!

Day 171

Did a bunch of guild- and meeting wrap-up-things today. But also had a bit of time to pull out the sewing machine and make more blocks. I got four made before life demanded attention.

Funny about this project is I’ve made blocks the 15 minute improv Victoria style. I’ve done the slab Cheryl style. I’ve been random in my colours and carefully chosen my colours too. I’m not sure which one I prefer over-all, it’s mostly just how I feel when I sit down to sew them.

Day 169

Or 13×13 if you like math-y things.

I have finally realized and admitted this out loud in my head that I do not find “obligation sewing” to be relaxing, even though I’m sewing. Brownie badges, school play capes, and this month’s #mighty lucky club have all been “must do-s” instead of “want to-s” recently which means I haven’t sewn anything I like (since about, oh, last month).

Anyway, I’m grumpy so I’m complaining instead of celebrating. Let’s start again: Hooray! Tonight I sewed five whole blocks for the 15 minute improv blue quilt. The difference I feel now in my chest and my head is significant and I will ponder it more. Yay for sewing!