Day 155

Something struck me tonight and I’ve been mulling it over ever since. I used to bookmark tutorials or quilt patterns that I was interested in making one day. There are probably over two hundred bookmarks in that folder. But it’s been ages since I added to it. Really ages. So…why?

I think my quilt style has changed; I do way more improv and I make up patterns myself. I don’t follow tutorials and I rarely use purchased patterns/patterns from books. So that’s probably it.

Or maybe I’m more realistic about actually starting, let alone finishing one of those projects. That’s probably it too.

::time lapse::

I just checked out half a dozen links:  three were totally dead, one was “yeesh, what was I thinking when I bookmarked that one?!?”, another was “meh”, and then I got a good one!


I would still make this one I think. I’ll add that bookmark to a new folder, one called “I really mean it this time”.

Image swiped from My Poppet Makes


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