What’s black and white and red all over?

A zebra with a sunburn!

Or some spiffy black and white, and white and black zebra fabric. Last weekend when I was in Vancouver the girls and I were on the bus going somewhere and we passed Dressew*. They never have sales, but there was one! 30% off! And it was the last day! But before I could shout “everyone off the bus!”, the bus moved on. After we finished our visit nearby we walked back and I found these lovelies.

* Dressew is on Twitter but they don’t have a website. Interesting allocation of resources.

IMG_2645 copy

The good thing about Dressew is that it’s cheap cheap cheap. Fabric in Victoria is pushing 23$/m. Fabric there is topped out (for name brand quilting cotton) at 15$/m. And the sale!

The bad thing about Dressew is they rip their fabric. I know, straight of grain, blah blah blah, but yuck!

And I found this too:IMG_2647 copy

The fabulous disco dot. Half a metre of this came home. I’ll put this in the epic black and white ginormous eye-sore quilt I have in mind. That might get started this year I think.

Since I did buy fabric I might as well link up with the fabulous Molli Sparkles.


And happy VD if you celebrate that.

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