Day 169

Or 13×13 if you like math-y things.

I have finally realized and admitted this out loud in my head that I do not find “obligation sewing” to be relaxing, even though I’m sewing. Brownie badges, school play capes, and this month’s #mighty lucky club have all been “must do-s” instead of “want to-s” recently which means I haven’t sewn anything I like (since about, oh, last month).

Anyway, I’m grumpy so I’m complaining instead of celebrating. Let’s start again: Hooray! Tonight I sewed five whole blocks for the 15 minute improv blue quilt. The difference I feel now in my chest and my head is significant and I will ponder it more. Yay for sewing!


One thought on “Day 169

  1. totally understand the must do versus the want to do sewing. I sometimes sneak some want to in the middle of must do, when my hubby and kids think I am very busy with the must do. I don’t think this is wrong as it keeps the pleasure there, kind of like having a bit of yummy raw cookie dough while I bake treats for the boys to eat:)


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