Day 205

So I’ve been thinking about sketchbooks recently, and also how I don’t use one. I’ve tried before but it has never become a consistent thing with me. I think that I’ve spent so much time in the past nine years with kids (which tends to be pretty active) that having taking time to write something down or draw it out is incompatible.

I do have ideas for projects or quilts but then they just….fade away. Since I’m not following other people’s patterns I want to try harder to catalogue? record? my ideas.

Let’s call it my analogue pinterest. We’ll see how this goes.


Day 204

I sewed a bit this morning, trimming my strips for the backing and then starting to join them. I’m pressing seams open on these for extra flatness. Wow – it’s so much flatter than to the side! I’m not a full convert but I can appreciate the difference that will make.


I started at the light end of the row and got nearly to the mediums before preschool pickup.

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Day 203

No sewing today, and boy am I tired of writing that. School went back today for B. and preschool starts again tomorrow for W. so that’s a win. Today I did laundry and a library trip, tidied up some bins and pulled together a load for the thrift store, put things away in the garage, and put away fabric from my last two projects. Did some pattern layout for B.’s birthday dress/skirt/outfit.

So it was a productive day, just a day with no sewing. I sound so bereft!

Day 202

No sewing, so FAIL. I did have ten minutes to kill while waiting for a cake to cool so I played with some needle-felted spheres I made a while back. Probably 2009? 2010? I needle-felted them but always disliked their size (about as big as a loonie) and lack of density. So I tried wet felting them today.

Yay! They’re smaller (nickel sized? quarter sized?) and more dense. Aaaaaannnnnndddd they look like pompoms. Not handcrafted wool balls. Sigh.

At least the cake was awesome – a fluffy coconut cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing. The icing is the best part of this one.


The black one has been made smaller. I pulled them all out of the sink to take a picture, hence the slightly bedraggled appearance to them all.