Day 175

Today feels like it was an awesome day. My kids did not annoy me, which is always an amazing feeling. They were still annoying, but somehow I was able to deal.


  1. It’s the 1st of the month and Christine in our facebook Birthday Bonus Club requested a free for all variety pack. I pulled out all my duplicate 2.5″ squares and grabbed the first 52 that came to hand. I’ll post mail them tomorrow. And I resorted all the rest into a better box.
  2. I basted another bunch of hexies. I’ve got over 30 now between last night and tonight and I did a trial layout. Needs more colour balance (can you say that when you’re using a value scale and only greys?) but that will come.
  3. I think I figured out a solution to a problem that’s been niggling at me for a while. So that’s exciting. See below.

I’ve been stockpiling and swapping 2.5″ squares for a year or two now to make a version of this quilt:


Sarah Fielke quilt. Forget the name of it, and too lazy to check. 

She made hers with a solids jelly roll but of course I want to do my own thing. My stumbling block has been the HSTs in all the stars. Those require a 3.5″ square to start with, which is a size I do not have/use/collect. And since I want no duplicate fabrics in this quilt…..

I think some of this and some of this might just be able to help out. Hooray!


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