Day 193

Busy day today. Second day of the workshop with Marianne. B is sick with the flu. Life is what happens when you’re not looking!

Dug out the instructions for #Mighty Lucky Club for March (which I haven’t started yet, oops!). Rossie Hutchison is looking at colour this month with “One Wrong Color”. Started thinking about possibilities.

Had an idea for a some fabric I’ve had for a while now, some beautiful Yukata cottons from Okan Arts. When I bought them in July 2013 I had a specific pattern I wanted to make. But Patricia had a heavy hand with the yard stick and I wound up with a LOT more than I needed (thanks again Patricia!). I didn’t want leftovers and I didn’t want such a large wall hanging, so the fabric has sat since then. I’m still mulling this over but progress is being made in my head.

And I finished off those birds in the air blocks. I love hand sewing while watching tv. It seems less wasteful of time.

Happy international quilt day peeps!

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