Sunday Stash


Looks rather plain doesn’t it? But really it’s a jackpot find! A two yard cut for less than 5$ of some brand of shot cotton. Found in a thrift shop, WIN on Pandora if you’re local.

Odd things about it:

  • it’s only 40″ wide.
  • there is more than 1″ of selvedge/colour difference on EACH side. Check out the selvedge on the picture above. That dark stripe on the left of the fabric is what I’m talking about.


It’s the prettiest turquoise blue and purple. No idea what I’ll do with it of course, but hey, 2 yards for <5$? I’ll find some use for it some day!

Linking up with Molli Sparkles and his proxy Lucy @ Charm About You for Sunday Stash!



3 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

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