Day 231

I’m sure I would feel better if I just sewed something. I’m itching to start a new project but I don’t want to add to my “quilts to be finished” list. At least the taxes are sorted out now, so there is more time to sew things.

I cut out the charms I needed for the last April birthday person in the mini-charm facebook swap group. Tami had asked for blues or yellows. I went with both.IMG_3013

And then I sorted them prettily:


My birthday is in May so I get to choose soon! There are SIX others also in May so I will be doing a lot of cutting. Fifty charms per person is the equivalent to just under .2m, so by the end of the year I will have used up approx. 5.5m. I’m determined to do as much of this as possible without buying anything.


Day 229

Today I started my April challenge for the Mighty Lucky Club. I’ve got a week to get it done but I’m pretty stoked about my idea. Alison Glass is the instructor this month and it’s about recreating a personal photo in fabric. As soon as I read the challenge I knew exactly which photo I wanted to use.

IMG_2999 copy

My first car. I fell hard in love with this one, and she broke my heart.

This is an actual physical photo. I didn’t know where it was so I asked my husband if he remembered where we’d stashed this picture. I described it in too much detail but he didn’t remember anything about this.

It was taken on a belated honeymoon road trip in 2002 from Vancouver, BC to Newport, Oregon to stay at the lovely Sylvia Beach Hotel. We had stopped to stretch our legs and then noticed “hey, blue and orange!”

She’s a 1974 Mercedes 280CE* with a custom paint job (not mine). White leather seats. The sweetest engine rumble. She drew eyes everywhere we went. The dancing hula girl on the dash added some class. But there were no seatbelts in the back. You could take the key out of the ignition while driving. She only had four gears. The holes in the floor were a big downer. So was the ~9,000$ we spent in one year to keep her running.

But you never forget your first as they say.

IMG_3008 copy

Clearly my stash is big enough to yield all this!

*The 280CE was first released in North America in 1976, but had been made for the European market prior to that. At some point this car travelled aboard ship to get to N. America. I have several 10 pfennig pieces found under the carpet to prove this!

Day 227

Nerd alert! You have been warned.

I have a spreadsheet called “lifetime quilt tracker.” It should be fairly self evident what the purpose of it is. I discovered this week that I have been somewhat lax about keeping my stats up to date. Like really freaking lax, for more than a year. Oops. So I spent an hour? two? today pulling out quilts,  measuring them, and counting the number of pieces in them. And then I inputted all of it and sorted by the finished date. Then I added the start dates when I knew them. Then I found out that spreadsheets will calculate time for you, oh the joy!

Stats for you….

Fastest quilt ever: six days (it measures 20″ x 18″). Slowest quilt: 447 weeks and counting!

Smallest quilt: 3.75″ square. Largest quilt: 98″ square.

I have made 49 quilts (unless I’ve forgotten a few more). I have 13 in progress and one more being started next week. And a million more ideas.

I made my first quilt in January 2004. I started my second quilt in October 2007. My third quilt was May 2010 and I haven’t stopped since.

I never bought any of this fabric:


Carolyn Friedlander, “Ledger” from her first line, “Architexture”

But when it came out I loved it. It’s SPREADSHEET fabric!

Day 226

And the crazy busy continues! Did not finish my hexie mini in time because I had to cover for a friend. She’s this year’s block lotto co-ordinator for our guild but she hurt her knee and ankle and had no block prepped for the meeting tonight. So I chose a random quilt block from my brain, but couldn’t find a tutorial. Blergh – more work. Made three blocks, taking photos as I went. Whipped up a tutorial. Done.


Not done: my hexie mini. Dammit.