Day 206

Lovely day today….not least because I finished the back for my quilt! This was a bit of a slog so it feels extra awesome to be done AND to like it very much. It’s just how I pictured it. I’ve been struggling with this since March 24th and every day since. It feels so so good to have it done.

Here’s the insert strip I made to make the two WOF big enough.


Why not do a value progression when you can? It’s good practice.

And here’s the back in all its wonderful glory.


The backing is of course for this wonderful quilt (go scrap quilts!):




I did a really clever thing for the insert strip. Since we make backs larger than the quilt top I didn’t want to lose 4-8 inches of the strips. So I came up with a brilliant work around.

I added an extra 4″ strip of very light and very dark fabrics on each end. Ideally they’ll be cut off when I trim up but if my quilting skews things, then it’s no big deal.

I am linking up my fabulous quilt back (or as my four year old said when she saw this laid out, “are you making ANOTHER quilt?”) with Amanda Jean’s fabulous scrap quilt.


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