Day 207

So the sketchbook re-boot has gone well. I started with an idea I’d had recently, then moved on to a quilt design I had oooo, maybe five years ago? Clearly I still like that one. Added another recent idea with details, and a couple sketches as well.

W. was playing with stickers yesterday and I saw one that would be great in a series of wall hangings so I stole the sticker and added it to the sketchbook.

And best idea of all: to take my beautiful notebook cover made by the wonderfully talented Terry Aske and make it fit my smaller sketchbook. How did I get a custom piece from Terry? Our guilds did a quilted notebook cover swap last summer. I had seen her progress on her blog and liked it. I just about fell over when I found out it was for me! (I lie. I did fall over, and I cried too. No one makes things for makers, and I had secretly wanted that one so much.) Here’s the link to her original post about it (and the place where I stole these pics from).

The front cover and inside front. The orange stripe is an elastic closure.

The back cover and inside back.

Having a pretty cover that I love so much will make the sketchbook more useful I think.

And it was really neat to leaf through what was in there already. Ideas I’ve made, projects that are still in progress, ideas I’ve abandoned. But I’m glad they’re all there.


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