Sunday Stash – but not for me

Lucked into some more fabric at ridiculous prices….


Every year for my kids’ birthdays, I make them a dress. This year it’s a skirt for B. who is turning nine. We settled on the gathered skirt for all ages tutorial from Purl Soho. This is the fabric we chose, from Fabricland this time. Remembering that fabric in Canada is ~20$/m, this 2m piece was 5$. Yes, 5$, which is what, 75¢ US?

For some reason it was on sale for 8$/m, then half off for members. But because of all this:


the lovely and very helpful lady marked it down to 5$/m and it was STILL half off. I bought the whole 2m so that I could cut around all those weird splotches. This was the worst clump but they were scattered throughout. No idea what it was.

Some adorable houses on the selvedge for you selvedge junkies. We like the sparkly #5 house best. 

Linking up with Molli Sparkles who I think is home but has delegated to TWO other hosts for Sunday Stash. Raspberry Spool and Blossom Heart Quilts!


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