Day 213

So the caveat to the “buy only what you’re going to use” yesterday is this: In 2005 I was on a dance tour* to Nelson, BC and bought my first ever fat quarters. I bought two and I have one and a bit left. I still LOVE this fabric. LOVE.

centre detail copy

But today! I want to do a good job of quilting the blue/orange plus quilt so I will “practice” a bit on another unquilted quilt. This one got the short straw:


I am open to suggestions of all kinds! Except maybe my husband’s, he thinks the large flowery border needs something really geometric. I’m not convinced yet.

More compelling reasons to get shit quilted is that I have a list as long as my arm of quilts I want to make, 14 quilts actually in progress, and 7! SEVEN! of those are stuck at the quilting stage. Since I’m not well off enough to pay a long-armer, I had better get some quilting skillz.

*If you were curious, I am not a dancer though I was on a dance tour.

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