My quilt moms

Today being mothers’ day and me being at a quilt show I wound up thinking about moms and quilts. [To get this out of the way, my mom isn’t a quilter and she is not part of my life.]

So, quilt moms!
Janet…who took me into her Monday night stitch group years ago and knew so much about quilts and shared it all willingly, I wish we were still in touch…
Linda…who loves my daughters and amuses them while I look at fabric, and she is my fabric patron…
the ladies in my quilt guild… some of them mother me and put up with my shenanigans and laugh at my jokes and they love quilts and they come BACK month after month to this crazy modern quilt guild I helped start and run…
my quilt friends, all of them moms or moms-to-be…they know that parenting is hard sometimes…
my girls…may you be as passionate about something as much as I am about quilts…
Happy mothers’ day to you all.

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