Day 295

The tidying up bug has been hanging around for the past couple of days. Last night I spent a very pleasurable hour putting books on hold at the library and updating my books spreadsheet. (What? Like it’s a surprise that I have one for books too.)

This morning I dug out my summer clothes and culled, sorted, and organized. This afternoon I reviewed my 2nd Quarter list for the 2016 finish a-long. I have 2 out of 6 done and have eight days to finish another. We’ll see about that.

I also noticed that 7 of my quilts in progress are stuck at the quilting stage. That’s half my list! Geez, I should get rich and pay someone to quilt for me. Or get a long arm.


Day 293

**Netta, you should skip this post**

For everyone else still reading, I did my June challenge for the Mighty Lucky Club. Led by Angela Walters, it was about adding writing to your quilt, both cursive and block printing.

I’ve had an idea rattling around my head for pretty much the past year. This is version I-can’t-even-remember-anymore and I’ll give you the short version here. Last year I turned 39 and it was tough! 39 kind of kicked my ass. I also spent a lot of time thinking about “turning 40 next year” and what THAT would mean. And I figured that if I’m lucky, I’m about halfway through my useful life. But 39 was tough.

First run through. Tension needs fixing.



I tried out the block printing in each line. By the end I felt like an actor rehearsing lines, trying out different emphases.

IMG_3456 copy

And the finale!


What did I learn from the challenge?

I loved adding writing. Composing an S on the fly under the needle is tough. My stitched cursive is better than my cursive on paper. Using a striped fabric helped keep my lines straight. Kids who can read should NOT be allowed to watch you do this project. I am awesome. 40 is so much better than 39.

This was on my list for the second quarter of the 2016 finish along.

Sunday Stash, kokeshi style

I caved. I am a weak person.

I bought fabric. Fabric I don’t need, can’t use right away, but love.

I saw it a week ago and loved it. Put it back because I’m not buying fabric this year. Picked it up, put it back. Left the store. Called the store the next morning and had it put on hold. I bought the bolt since there was just a tiny bit left (2.2m). At 7$/m, it was a steal. (Remember fabric here is ~20$/m.)


Longest selvedge I’ve ever seen. I had to stand on a stool to get it all in the shot.

I figure it will be a sweet quilt back someday. Another quilt is on my list! Or I could make a skirt for me. It might be a bit loud, even for me. I would probably get a quilt made before a skirt honestly.

And I got some black. That I didn’t need. Sigh.


Linking up with Molli Sparkles of course!


Day 291

A few days ago I gave out my big quilting tip “if you stitch something, press it.” That’s an awesome tip and I stand by it. My other big quilting tip is “if you’re stuck creatively, tidy up.” Because honestly, no matter how tidy you are, you can always be tidier.

And when you do a tidy up, you might find things you had forgotten about. Hello goldfish shark fabric! Or you might find things you had misplaced. Like the two fat quarters of solid black that you needed but couldn’t find so you went to the store and spent money needlessly on more black solid*. For instance.

*Your experience might be slightly different. Or exactly the same. If so then let’s be friends and we can curse our messiness together.


Did you think I was kidding about this fabric?

And in other good news, I figured out my next project. It’s the June Mighty Lucky club challenge of course! Tick tock baby, the month is nearly done.