Effective Contrast, a finished study

My project this week has been to start and to finish the May challenge for the Mighty Lucky club. This month’s challenge was set by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock and was all about effective contrast.

This was my fabric pull: a dark, three mediums and a light. IMG_3382 copy

I chose the pinwheel block because I knew I could finish them quickly and I hoped the shapes would work for the challenge.

Blocks 1-3: The Value of Value

IMG_3404 copy

Blocks 4-6: Value Play

IMG_3405 copy

Blocks 7-9: Print Scale and Complexity

IMG_3406 copy

Blocks 10-12: Same-Hued Value Groupings

IMG_3407 copy

Ta-Done! The twelve completed blocks. My favourites are blocks 1, 9, 11, and 12.

IMG_3409 copy

This was my original block 9 (left) before I found a much larger print which was more effective for the study. (I know the left block is the better block, but not for the purpose of what we were learning!)

IMG_3411 copy

This block was perfection in my eyes. I needed a single low-contrast fabric to use for the background. When you’re making a red pinwheel block and you find a pinwheel fabric in your stash? It’s like the fabric gods are smiling at you.

IMG_3407 copy detail

Since this lovely project is done, I’m linking up with the always fabulous Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom quilts.

crazy mom quilt

Happy weekend everyone!

This was on my second quarter list for the 2016 finish along.

4 thoughts on “Effective Contrast, a finished study

  1. That’s an interesting experiment, and raised issues I never thought of. I usually just stick to a mix of light medium and dark fabrics, choosing fabrics I like from my local quilt shop. Good post.


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