Day 274

Well now I’m grumpy. I can’t upload the pictures of the stuff I did today. What do they say? “Pictures or it didn’t happen.”

This is what did happen:

I combined all 29 envelopes I had received during the Birthday charm swap club. When each envelope arrived I counted the squares to make sure there was at least 50, to check how many (if any) doubles there were, and I sorted them into my usual groupings of purple, blue, turquoise/teal, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, black, brown, grey, white, solids, low-volume, multi-coloured. But today! Today I combined all 29 piles into one big pile of each colour. Trust me when I say it was really pretty. And colourful.


And tonight I fussy cut some more fabrics, these were large pieces that I could easily get 4-10 squares from if I was careful. I drew around my template and cut these with scissors. Cutting fabric with scissors is such an odd feeling.


There you go. My [sewing] day in a nutshell.


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