Sunday Stash, free fabric of the Australian kind

This gets a bit meta, so I hope you can follow the path.

The ever fabulous Molli Sparkles hosts a weekly linkup for stash acquisitions. A while back he was travelling and goofed on who was running the show when he was gone. To compensate for the confusion Molli offered up a prize of four FQ to all the linkers and commenters, and I was the winner.

So last week a squishy package showed up chez moi and it was the long-promised, long-awaited fabric!




I’ve never been to Australia but I think this is all Australian fabric. The words “South Melbourne” was a bit of a giveaway.

And I can totally get behind these colours, considering I was just working with yellow, orange, pink, and blue last week.

Since I have new fabric, I should link up to Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles, which is how this all began. Thank you Molli for the fabric!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, free fabric of the Australian kind

  1. So happy this arrived safely and the you love it! It’s all from Emma Jean Jansen’s fabric range called Melba (inspired by Melbourne). That pink flora is called a banksia and is traditionally Australian! Much love!


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