Day 289

Some asked yesterday if this is my own design and it’s not! Don’t want to steal any credit from the fabulous Kaffe Fassett. It’s his rice bowls pattern from several of his books.

I fixed, or tried to fix that cock-eyed bowl block from yesterday (the red one). I restitched the blue/grey to the red part, and then appliquéd it down. Then noticed it’s still a little off. It’s close enough for jazz I think, and done is better than perfect in this case.


Which brings me to weird state of being now. I will have to review my current projects and see which ones are do-able under the current circumstances. School got out today (“school’s…out…for…summer!”) but that means ten and a half weeks of very intense family time. As an introvert that’s hard. I will have to figure out what project I want to work on next.


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