Sunday Stash, kokeshi style

I caved. I am a weak person.

I bought fabric. Fabric I don’t need, can’t use right away, but love.

I saw it a week ago and loved it. Put it back because I’m not buying fabric this year. Picked it up, put it back. Left the store. Called the store the next morning and had it put on hold. I bought the bolt since there was just a tiny bit left (2.2m). At 7$/m, it was a steal. (Remember fabric here is ~20$/m.)


Longest selvedge I’ve ever seen. I had to stand on a stool to get it all in the shot.

I figure it will be a sweet quilt back someday. Another quilt is on my list! Or I could make a skirt for me. It might be a bit loud, even for me. I would probably get a quilt made before a skirt honestly.

And I got some black. That I didn’t need. Sigh.


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, kokeshi style

  1. It would be really hard to leave it on the shelf. It will be put to good use eventually I am sure, and if not, can be passed onto the next person. Its very sweet.


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