Day 302

Popsicles make a wonderful dessert for kids, and are wonderful time savers for grown-ups. While the kids were eating/licking/anthropomorphizing their popsicles I washed the dishes. That meant the kitchen was clean before bed time so I had the sewing machine set up by 7:45!

I’m working on a secret project for a friend so I can’t show you pictures but I did do some quilting tonight. Yay.

I basted the quilt this afternoon on my design wall instead of the floor. Much easier on the knees for sure.

This is the back of the quilt here. I wanted to choose my thread when I had good light this afternoon so I popped out my thread drawer and put it on my stove so that I didn’t have to walk back and forth.


Yep, that’s all the thread I have.


2 thoughts on “Day 302

  1. I’m always in awe of the various ways quilters find to fit their work space into their homes. But–a drawer on the stove!!?? Since it’s on top of your stove, I know you won’t forget and turn the burners on 🙂 Once I did a company-is-coming-any-minute clean up and later melted a bunch of dirty Tupperware, etc. when I turned the oven on. How do you keep 3 layers on the wall to baste without them peeling off? These 68 yo knees could use a break from the floor, too:)


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