2016 Finish along, Q2 summary


This is my summary post for the second quarter of this year’s finish along. Here is the original post with the good intentions I had at the beginning of April. 

  1. blue 15 minute blocks project  Quilt it and bind it.

It’s still basted. Nothing else done.

2. Finish one of the big quilts, either rainbow or grey tea leaves Finish one of them.

Nope. No progress. 

Ta-done! Oh yeah, I got something done, I’m awesome! It had a huge wrap up post over here.


5. Husband door quilt Lots to do on this one.

But nothing got done.

6. I’m in the Mighty Lucky club

I got May and June done (but not April). 

7. Make it Modern – uggh, there was so much to do for this one.

And I finished it. Wrap up post over here.

IMG_3067 copy

I’m linking up with Stacey at SLOStudio (and all the other hosts).


Debbie – A Quilter’s Table – USA

Jess – Elven Garden Quilts – Australia

Stacey – SLO Studio – Canada

Jennie – Clover & Violet – USA

Helen – Archie the Wonder Dog – UK

Nicky – Mrs. Sew and Sow -UK

Cindy – Fluffy Sheep Quilting – Ireland

Rhonda – Rhonda’s Ramblings – USA

Leanne – She Can Quilt – Canada


4 thoughts on “2016 Finish along, Q2 summary

  1. I like the Make it Modern Finish. Nice gradient there. I’m in the Mighty Lucky quilting club as well and all I’ve done so far is download all the instructions. Oh well.


  2. The ombre work in your quilt is beautiful–and all those hexies! Thanks so much for the binding link you put on your previous post about this quilt. It makes so much more sense than the “traditional” method that always makes my brain hurt 🙂


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