Day 311

It’s kind of a long story, and the details aren’t really mine to tell but I can tell you that instead of the 1.5m I wanted of this fabric I was given the bolt. It feels weird to be complaining about free fabric but wow, that’s a lot of fabric. A LOT of fabric.


I’m estimating there are approximately 12m here so you will be seeing this fabric in future projects. I will also sell some if anyone is interested. Anyone? Bueller?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s halfway through July so I thought it high time to start my mighty lucky challenge. Cheryl Arkison is in charge this time around and her topic is “One Fabric, One Quilt.” It’s all about using striped or directional prints, or large scale prints. And since I had an epic tonne of a stripe hanging around…

My first two blocks.


Yes, the colour really is that obnoxious.


Since it’s new fabric in my stash I might as well link up with Molli Sparkles!

3 thoughts on “Day 311

  1. Oh, dear! Even with all those “gift horse” warnings, this really is more of a burden than a windfall. I think a school somewhere might like it–a lot of children would probably? enjoy the bright? colors. Some good cause will find a terrific use for it, I bet.


  2. Well it will be great for a quilt back or 3! I had a small bolt of fabric that I donated for quilt backs for charity and I felt so much better than having it unused in my stash!


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