2016 Finish Along, Q3

This quarter will be interesting as it covers the summer, which has very little sewing time, and the start of the school year, which will have loads of sewing time (I hope.) We’ll see how that balances out come reckoning time.

I’ll be continuing my ambitious first and second quarter lists and adding a few new works.

  1. blue 15 minute blocks project

Quilt it and bind it.


2. Finish one of the big quilts, either rainbow or grey tea leaves

Finish the quilting. Bind it. 

3. My soccer hexie project.

Buy background fabric, remove papers, appliqué, layer, baste, quilt, bind.


4. Husband door quilt

More blocks, layer, quilt, and bind.

Value: barn raising

5. I’m in the Mighty Lucky club, so that will be a project for July, August, and September. 


6. hem the new “borghilda” drapes for the living room. 

I love Ikea names. They’re so goofy.

7. Debbie at A Quilter’s Table is doing a quilt along. I’m thinking about doing it too. Guess which fabric I’ll probably use?

8. finish the group quilt. Someone else will bind it if I get the quilting done soon. 


9. make a birthday dress for W. Her birthday was yesterday. Oops. 

She wants “rainbow fabric” which turns out in five year old speak actually means fabric with several different colours in it.

10. modify my lovely but too big notebook cover made by Terry Aske

11. I have a large-ish ziplock of selvedges and a killer idea. So I might as well be in the company of others. Stash Builder Box Selvedge challenge. I think my idea will win the internet. Hey, a girl can dream right?


I’m linking up with Debbie at A Quilter’s Table (and all the other hosts). Good luck everyone!


Debbie – A Quilter’s Table – USA

Jess – Elven Garden Quilts – Australia

Stacey – SLO Studio – Canada

Jennie – Clover & Violet – USA

Helen – Archie the Wonder Dog – UK

Nicky – Mrs. Sew and Sow -UK

Cindy – Fluffy Sheep Quilting – Ireland

Rhonda – Rhonda’s Ramblings – USA

Leanne – She Can Quilt – Canada


3 thoughts on “2016 Finish Along, Q3

  1. I really like your 15 min. play quilt! (I confess I am a little partial to that color combo.) Your soccer hexie design looks like it will be amazing, too. There are a lot of projects on your list and each finish will be so satisfying.


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