Day 318

Well it seems like my interest in blogging is tied directly to the amount I sew. Which these days, is not very much.

My guild had their annual picnic potluck meeting last night and that was fun. Tangentially sewing related I suppose.

Do you know which threads are the warp and weft? Here’s a handy mnemonic for you: “the weft goes left and right.” (And so it follows that the warp is up and down.)

I’m almost ready for Polaroid sample blocks round 2. (Round 1 can be seen here.)

I’ve finished three books this week which does feel productive. And I’m thinking about doing a hand stitch project for evenings and sitting times. At least it’s not another quilt being started.

2 thoughts on “Day 318

  1. That’s a lot of reading! Lately I haven’t been reading at all because I have so many handwork pieces for evening and on the go projects. I do listen to audio books, though,which never feels quite like reading.


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