Day 321

The trick to getting lots of sewing time with two kids underfoot seems to be saying YES to screen time. We don’t have a tv at our house and we’re pretty up-tight about how much the kids watch/poke the ipad, but this afternoon was YES. (This is also week two of daily swim lessons and yesterday was a seven hour on-foot expedition wandering around downtown so our physical activity has been pretty high recently. And yes, I am justifying my parenting to strangers on the internet.)


Today was the first day of the #crosscutquiltalong hosted by Debbie @A Quilter’s Table. I’ll share pictures of this later. Or you can check out my instagram feed if you can’t wait.



I also sewed more test blocks for the polaroid shadow/sashing. Go here for the first round, aka the FAIL round of blocks.

From left to right we have: medium grey/essex blend, sketch crosshatch/medium grey, and light grey/essex blend.

The middle one was my friend Netta’s idea from a couple of days ago; she suggested I switch the sketch with the grey. And she blogs too, check hers out.

For fun I made a few collages. Check these out!

med grey : essex

..sketch : med grey grey : essex

I’m open to feedback so let me know your favourite: purple octopus, green octopus, or starfish!

And since this continues to be a work in progress I’m linking up with:



4 thoughts on “Day 321

  1. Me again. I checked out your crosscut and I’m sure it will work. Good use for the pink. Im thinking I need to do the cross cut but God knows I don’t really have time. Also I always want to make quilts that are 50″ X 60″ right now because that’s the size of my guild’s donation quilts.


  2. number 3 has the best pop factor. And time for you alone while they are staring at a screen is a guilt I have struggled with for years, but I NEED time for me while they are doing something easy(for me) and distracting. Just wait till you walk into their bedroom cause they have been quiet for a long time, and you find their nose deep in a chapter book. That’s cool.
    Also, I am amazed at how many quilt along/challenges etc that you participate in. Bravo.


  3. I think they all work, but there is something about the lower contrast of the green octopus that appeals to me. If you want it very distinct, the starfish have the highest contrast. Sometimes a little screen time is worth it for everyone’s sanity, as long as you set the parameters!


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