Day 322

While I’m working away at the Crosscut quilt along on Instagram with Debbie @A Quilter’s Table, I’m also thinking about the July challenge for the Mighty Lucky club. (Quick recap: Cheryl’s in charge, and it’s about large scale or directional prints.)

I started here:


I had the fabric, it’s a stripe. Good enough I thought! But I knew that really the colour difference was not enough. Or non-existant really. And Cheryl commented that the print is quite subtle too. Moral: free fabric is sometimes not appropriate.

Version 2.0

On the weekend I went through every single piece of fabric I own. In the house, under the bed, the garage stash. I had three pieces that were possible. One was less than a fat 1/8th, one was again too subtle. But the third piece, said Goldilocks, was just right! I thought HARD about what block to make to best showcase the scale of the print.

I give you…


I only noticed the mistakes when uploading the picture. Dammit.

But I had a kind friend who took my kids for an hour tonight and I went to check out the sale table at my LQS (which is actually an everything-but-upholstery fabric store).


A – too pale and fiddly

B – a bold choice!

C -ugly as sin but could be really fun

D – fun but limited options

E – ditto too fiddly, lots of options though

F – Brandon Mably, you choose weird colours.

There is a 1/2 metre minimum so I can’t get them all. I think I’ll probably go for C. Maybe some B too. At least I made it through SEVEN WHOLE months of Mighty Lucky and birthday charm swap without buying any fabric for any of them. Yay me.


3 thoughts on “Day 322

  1. Oh, dear. I really DO love the block you made–those “mistakes” really just add interest! The other fabrics wouldn’t cost much for a little bit on sale–so if you’re game–they could be an “interesting” experiment.


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