Day 328

I finished my Mighty Lucky challenge for July this afternoon.

This month (like several of the previous challenges) was a struggle but this time for a different reason. Cheryl and I went back and forth a couple of times on Instagram about it and I summed it up this way: “I understand the challenge, I just don’t have any fabric that works.”

This blog post from a couple of days ago has my first attempt, and the second one too.

After scoping out the sale table at the fabric store I found a few possibilities that worked and Cheryl encouraged me to get this one.


I am glad I chose this one as the crisp lines of the stripes made it easy to match. And it has two different possible stripes (the yellow at centre or the white at centre). Trying both gave me four different blocks.

These blocks have the yellow centred.


And these have the white centred.


For fun I collaged a picture of the four blocks to see what more would look like. Part of my brain thought “oh don’t start another quilt!” but I ignored that part. Sunday morning I cut blocks and today I have this:


This will be a 44″ square baby quilt/floor mat. I need a backing still. And then I need to quilt this one too.

This is the fastest quilt top I’ve ever made: bought fabric Friday, finished top Monday!

I’m still going to play with the other false starts I had for this challenge. One of them sparked an idea I’m excited about.

10 thoughts on “Day 328

  1. I like how this turned out. It’s very bold and makes me want to try this but the part of my brain that says no don’t start another quilt is winning….doing too much already…yikes.


  2. I love how this turned out! And, it should be very fun to quilt. Some projects just push their way to the front of the line and say, “Finish me first!” I’ve been playing with improv stripes and you got me thinking about trying something like this with my own stripes.


  3. Hi Nicole, your challenge result looks really cool! I am also subscribed to the Mighty Lucky Club this year but have not tried a single one of the lessons yet – too much to do. It is fabulous to see that you do yours =) This piece somehow screams ‘Beach’ at me.


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