Crosscut Quilt-Along, a finished quilt

Ta-done! Today I finished my version of the #crosscutquiltalong hosted by Debbie @aquilterstable on instagram.

Here is my finished quilt:


Here’s the back:


And a close up of the quilting.


This was lots of fun to do in a group – I’ve never really done a quilt along before so that was exciting. Sharing pictures with everyone was also pretty great. Having a hot pink quilt amongst a lot of low volume ones certainly stands out.

I was going to upload some process pics from my phone but on the way to the cable I dropped the phone and now I have two white lines of death. The internet tells me its fixable, but not on a Saturday night it’s not. So I’m thrilled that my quilt is finished and bummed about the phone.

This quilt was on my finish along list for quarter 3 so this will be linked up sometime in the fall.

Edited to add: this got a shout-out on Debbie’s blog.


10 thoughts on “Crosscut Quilt-Along, a finished quilt

  1. So glad you found a new use for your polka dots. That fabric is a lot of fun in this quilt! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures that I saw of the different participants during the quilt along. I really like the way you quilted it, too. So sad about your phone!


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