Notebook cover, modified

Way back in March 2015 my guild and the Vancouver MQG arranged a swap between our guilds, making a semi-custom notebook cover for someone in the other guild. I lucked out when Terry Aske made my cover for me. It was so pretty and cheerful I was just thrilled to bits when I got my cover. Go here for her blog post about it.


To make the swap easier we were all to use the same size notebook (see below, on the left). Except the notebook was a weird size and I don’t like lined paper and so I just never did anything with this. Which made me sad because I really liked the cover from Terry.

Since I have a sketchbook I do like (see above, on the right) I had a brain wave! And I modified my fabulous but useless cover into a perfect fit.

I chopped down the top and the outsides and it now it’s all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows (literally in this case!) Thanks again for the cover Terry. I like it even more now that I can use it.


This is on my 3rd quarter list for the finish along, so ta-done! And I first blogged about this idea way back over here.

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