New Block Blog Hop

Try saying that five times fast!

This is a follow on to the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop which happened in June and July. Go here to read my day. Cloud9 fabrics has generously offered to sponsor a continuation of the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers group through a New Block Blog Hop.

To participate, I have to make an original 12.5″ square block and a tutorial as well (in case someone really loves my block and wants to make lots? Um, okay.) The tutorial blog hop will start mid-September and last I heard there are over 65 different bloggers participating. And I have to mail my block to someone so that all the blocks can be used for a charity quilt.Cloud9NewBlockBlogHopButton

I started sketching ideas today, little 2″ drawings. I came up with eight or nine ideas, some based on pictures I have. One was a beach bag I saw a couple of years ago, one is a vintage cookie tin. I’ve never done this before…I suppose the next step would be roughly figuring out construction to see if the block would work? Then decide which colours go where? Then…? I’ve got a while yet. Nope, two point five weeks. Good thing I’ve already started!


Oh and due diligence. Need to make sure this block is actually original and not derivative.

2 thoughts on “New Block Blog Hop

  1. I’m doing this as well and I’m about in the same place as you. I did this last year and the same thing happened. I had lots of ideas and then settled pretty much on the easiest one as I wanted to not mess up the tutorial.


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