Sunday Stash, travelling edition

As previously mentioned, last weekend I jaunted off to Vancouver to take in the Vancouver MQG showcase of modern quilts. It was my first all-modern quilt show and I won’t soon forget it. I love modern quilts so much. I took a picture of pretty much every single quilt and a few backs too.

And I went the fabric store without kids! I went with a list so that I wouldn’t buy indiscriminately but I still had fun. What’s not to love about name brand fabrics at 6$-15$/m? Anna Maria Horner at 6$/m. WOW. I could have shopped for days…but I reined it in at 2 hours and 20 dollars. Here’s what that looks like.

Backing for THIS quilt.


It was tough to decide on this but the yellows match perfectly. And I had to pick something.


I saw this on Dressew’s instagram feed a while ago.


I really hope it will match this fabric:

Need to actually check but even if it doesn’t match I have a metre of cool stripes for 6$.

And some of this but only a little.


Low cost fabric is wonderful and everything but boy do I hate ripped fabric. Look at the pulls!


Then down to the basement to see if there were any treasures in the remnants bin:


Yes there were. Sparkly treasures to boot!

Half of a cartoon hallowe’en panel? Keep scrolling…


Ta-da! Best selvedge EVER.


Linking up with Molli Sparkles of course!




6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash, travelling edition

  1. I hate when stores rip the fabric. I completely understand the principle behind it, but it drives me nuts. Those are some pretty sweet fabric scores and price is even better 🙂


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