Day 378

It’s been ages since I sewed. I think. Can’t remember specifically.

I’m itching to start new projects but being firm about finishing some languishing projects first. In anticipation of starting a new project (yay! can’t wait!) I played tonight to cheer myself up. I used my blue pile because WHY is that always the biggest pile of fabric? Blue isn’t even my favourite colour!


I’ve been looking forward to this one for a couple of years now. Except that each blockĀ takes 60 coloured squares, 60 background squares and 24 HST. To make this with my favourite 2.5″ squares I need three inch squares for the HST. Which I’ve allowed to be a stumbling block for oh, a couple of years now.

Unless I change the design.


Trying it with some background squares (all low volume vs low volume and solid neutral.)


What about some value play? Obviously I need a better pull from my stock of squares but it’s enough to get the idea.

Or this version?

Still mulling over the possibilities, details, and math of both blocks and layouts.


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