Day 390

It has been a remarkably sewing-ish couple of days. Friday evening I put a sandwich in my tote bag for dinner and abandoned my family to do some sewing on our guild’s QuiltCon charity quilt. It’s a challenging palette that was chosen…quiltcon-charity-quilt-palette-2017_1024x1024

Using this palette and the design direction of “Micro or Macro” we made something that we think fits the parameters. And thankfully we are allowed to use less than the eight colours.

Saturday I finished a quilt top for an artist call for entry for a show in Vancouver. The show is at the end of the month and submissions close tonight so hopefully I’ll know soon.

Today I quilted the darn thing. I used old blue jeans and did big stitch/Kantha style quilting and dyed my fingernails blue! If it gets accepted into the show I’ll explain all the blather about it.


Too Good to Waste, 2016 28″x28″


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